SATA Constitution

Table of Contents

1.0  Introduction
2.0  Objectives
3.0  Organization

3.1  Officers
3.2  Election of Officers
3.3  Duties of Officers
3.4  Voting
3.5  Meetings
3.6  Membership
3.7  Secretariat

4.0  Policy

1.0   Introduction

The Subsonic Aerodynamic Testing Association was formed in March 1965 to provide an organization for operators of low speed aerodynamic test facilities.

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2.0   Objectives

The broad objective of the organization is: "To provide at the operational level a means of interchange of ideas, techniques, and solutions of problems." The general area of interest will include, but not be limited to:

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3.0   Organization

3.1   Officers

The officers shall consist of a Chairman, Vice Chairman, and a Recording Secretary.

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3.2   Election of Officers

Officers shall be elected bi-annually at the regular spring meeting (odd-numbered year). Incumbent officers are ineligible for renomination to the same office. Nomination of officers may be closed when one of more names have been entered for each office. Nomination of officers will be closed by a motion carried by a majority vote. Officers shall be elected in a secret ballot by a simple majority, with each member facility having one vote. Newly elected officers shall take over their duties one month after their election. It shall be the responsibility of outgoing officers to complete current business, including the Secretary's reporting of minutes to the membership and any other matters requiring early action, and to further advise incoming officers of all matters requiring their future attention.

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3.3   Duties of Officers

3.4   Voting

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3.5   Meetings

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3.6   Membership

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3.7   Secretariat

Administrative services for the organization shall be provided by a Secretariat. The Secretariat role is accepted by a member facility’s sponsoring organization. The official representative to this Association from that member facility serves as the primary Secretariat point of contact. The Secretariat position shall be voluntary and uncompensated. The Secretariat role will be relinquished at any time at the discretion of the officers and there is no limit on the length of time that the Secretariat may serve. The Secretariat shall be confirmed by vote of the membership following each bi-annual election of officers.

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4.0   Policy

All voting and participation in office by representatives is recognized as the reponse of an individual rather than the response of the facility member.

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